Actros Chassis

Type - Benz Chassis

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Vehicle Type Wheelbase Horse power Torque Payload Platform Dimension
1832 4500mm 235kW 1650Nm 11.1T 5895mm
1836 4800mm 265kw 1850Nm 11.0T 6195mm
1841 5100mm 300kW 2000Nm 11.0T 6795mm
1844 5400mm 320kW 2100Nm 11.0T 7345mm
1848 3600mm 350 kW 2300Nm 10.9T 7645mm
2032 4500mm 235 kW 1650Nm 12.8T 6445mm
2041 4800mm 300 kW 2000Nm 12.7T 6945mm
2048 5400mm 350 kW 2300Nm 12.6T 7945mm
2636 4200mm 265 kW 1850Nm 17.2T 7045mm
2644 4500mm 320 kW 2100Nm 17.2T 7345mm
2648 5100mm 350 kW 2300Nm 17.1T 8295mm

Driving Type: 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6.
Mercedes Benz engine comply to the newest European emission standard.
Mercedes PowerShift Ⅱ Automatic Transmission.
Sedan type comfortable cabin.
Smart maintenance system
Intelligence braking system (automatic adjusting the braking pad)
Slope start auxiliary system.
Rear axle with leaf spring suspension (option with air suspension).
Towing capacity (GCW): Max. 120T
Suitable for heavy duty transportation.
High torque with low fuel consumption (lowering the operation cost).
Comply to the ADR certification.