Single cab, crew cab
Ground Clearance: 420 mm
Axle swinging angle up to 30°
Easily to cross the rough terrain.
Dual three point torsion free sub-frame, the body will not be easy to twist.
Gradual coil spring, with long compress/extend stroke
Drive axle tube design, covered the drive axle to prevent the damage and dirt.
Standard fording depth 800 mm (option: 1200 mm fording depth)
Central tire inflation system with dashboard display of the inflation/deflation pressure (option).
Switchable 4x2/4x4 drive mode with front/middle/rear three differential lock.
Slope capability: 100%
Could equip various type of hydraulic equipment at front and rear of vehicle.
Application: firefighting, metro, rail, SNG vehicle, mobile base station.
Driving type: 4x4
Payload: 3~5 tons
Horse Power: 177/218 PS
Torque: 675 Nm ~ 810 Nm
Transmission: 8 speed automatic transmission
Suspension: Coil Spring, balance beam and shock absorber
Brake system: dual circuit braking system, disc brake with ABS (with switch)