Mobile Shelter/Tent

Type - Customized

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US military SICPS (Standard Integrated Command Post System) standard equipment.
High mobility, quick-erect and strike
Easy for transportation, available for land, sea, and air shipment.
Shelters can be integrated with power distribution and trailers to
provide more function.
Modular design, available in  64 models ranging in size from 109 – 1,250 square feet.    Modular design allows shelters to be used alone or connected together.
Electromagnetic protection, NBC protection, blackout
With advanced technology: fire retardant, mildew resistant, water repellent and highly resistant to ultra violet rays, and XYTEX coated fabric is available.  Frame in Composite materials are tested to be 270 percent stronger than aluminum,Credited according to U.S. Military Aberdeen test, meets the strictest operational requirement.   
Operable in temperatures ranging from -45.5ºC to 55ºC. 
Wind: Able to withstand 10 and 11 wind scale
Rain: Able to withstand 50 mm/hr. rainfall.
Load: It can bear 48 kg/ m2 on the top
The shelters extensively are used by US military mobile battle operation in Iraq and Afghanistan.    
The shelters are generally used for every mobile operation which contains command center, communication, health station, repair station, storage, rescue operation, epidemic control, chemical protection and disinfection, etc.
Over 17,000 shelters and 7,500 trailers are deployed in the militaries around the world.