Mobile Shelter

Type - Customized

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1.Aluminum lightweight design, rugged and lightweight
2.Modular design, the shelter can be integrated as a field hospital/command center / command post
3.Expanded design provides maximum work space in the limited shipping space
4.The shelters are certified according to DIN ISO 668 : 1C
5.Various ISO measurements are suitable for different vehicles, equipment, and tasks according to the clients’needs.
“Sandwitch”one piece board design offers higher load capacity and longer life span
6.Allowing to work under all kinds of climates, certified according to MIL-STD 810 and passed the strict German tactical tests.
7.More components installed will be allowed.  The shelters are certified according to MIL-STD 285 and Nato Spec 6516 standard for Electromagnetic protection requirement.
8.NBC protection system installed will be allowed to ensure the Pressurized cabin and safety of the personnel.
9.Could be shipped by sea, land(road, off-road, rail), air(C130, Helicopter hanging) or hanging by crane and transporting by forklift. 
10.Equipped with power, environmental control, mast, shelter balance Separation system.  
It can generally be used in any mobile operation which contains field command center, communication, reconnaissance, field hospital, mobile health station, equipment maintenance, first repair and rescue operation, logistical support, etc. 
Over 20,000 shelters have been manufactured and applied for the mobile tasks in more than 40 countries.