Water Purification

Type - Customized

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1.the length of the whole vehicle:9.75 m。
2.the width of the whole vehicle:2.50 m。
3.the height of the whole vehicle:3.92m。
4.the height from the ground:0.30 m。
5.the weight of the equipment:about 32 tons。 power:410匹/1,800RPM。
7.the volume of fuel tank :300 L。
8.the type of hooklifts :HIAB LHS 320。
9.the maximum lifting height of hooklift:9.30m。
10.the maximum lifting weight of hooklift :25,000kg。
11.the maximum speed of travelling:100 Km/hr
12.the maximum speed of transportation :70 km/hr。
Type of water: Freshwater / sea / contaminated water / industrial water pollution
38,000PPM。The maximum volume of dissolved solids content
The maximum turbidity:50NTU。
The maximum free chlorine:0.1 PPM。
operational temperature:4~49゚C。
High efficiency energy recovery systems。
User-friendly operation panel (the monitor is included) 
Built-in prompt cleaning system. No extra cleaning system needed.