length: 6.84 m
Width: 2.35 m
height: 2.66 m
weight: 14,500 kg
Close angle: 40 degrees
Go off angle: 35 degrees
Wading height: 1.2 meters
Vertical climb: 0.55 meters
Climbing ability: 80%
Maximum speed: 90 km / h
Turning radius: 8.15 meters
Cruising distance: 600 km
Output Power: 218 hp
With armor protection, can plug armored
Have all-weather capability
High maneuverability, can move quickly
Excellent off-road performance, can be adapted to a variety of terrain
Four-wheel drive, good muddy terrain rescue capability
Small turning radius, flexible control, suitable for urban, jungle and other tasks
Optional run flat tires, NBC air conditioning systems, reconnaissance masts with