Chemical Fire Fighting Truck

Type - SCT-3500

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  1. Model: Mercedes Benz 1530 Euro6
  2. Engine: 219kW (299hp)/2,300 RPM
  3. Wheel Base: 3,860mm
  4. Drive Line: 4x4 AWD, Front and Rear Differential Lock with Balance Bar
  5. Automatic Transmission
  6. Genuine PTO
Crew cab
  1. Crew: 2+4
  2. LED lights
  3. Wide-view and power windows
  4. SCBA seats comply with US regulation and with 3-point Seat belt. 
  5. Hidden auto folding steps
  6. Integrated intercom system
  7. Crew fixed by three-point individual lock.
  8. Structure safety is in compliance with ECE regulation.
Storage Compartment
  1. European modular design which can be adjusted according to the needs.
  2. Double layer water-proof aluminum roller shutter which can be locked by round bar.
  3. Yellow safety handrail, upgrade the safety of the operators.
  4. LED lights in all cabinet
  5. Heavy load storage room steps. Payload up to 250 kg.
  6. Warning lights are equipped on both side steps
Water inlet/ outlet (Customized)
  1. 2.5" x 2 / 4" or 5" x 1
  2. Pressurized water inlet
  3. Water outlet port 2.5" x 4 + 1.5" x 2
  4. Nuzzle 2.5"/3" x 1
  5. Front electrical nuzzle 2"/2.5" x 1
Light Tower
  1. 1. 8x35W LED or 4x1,000W halogen lights.
  2. 8.7M height (optional), 360°maneuverability, 180° elevation.
  3. Multi-function remote control by wire or wireless, and have function of restore.
Electrical system
  1. Multifunction warning light mounted on the cab roof.
  2. LED lightbar warning lights, in compliance with ECE R65 regulation.
  1. LED front light, EN ECE R65.
  2. LED side zone upper warning light, EN ECE R65.
  3. Driving monitoring system with four segment screens of surrounding camera.
  4. Parking camera system and parking sensor
  5. Central lock
  6. 13KVA power supply system
  7. LED water/foam level gauge
  8. 10 AC outlet in crew cab
  9. Tire pressure monitoring system
  1. Galvanized subframe for longer durability.
  2. Light weight but sturdy high stretch aluminum alloy body.
  3. Anti-torsion subframe design.

Controlling system
  1. Integrated pump controlling system, available to control the pump from rear end.
  2. Digital control panel, operation, flow and mixing ratios is displayed.
Fire system
  1. 3,500L High-strength and shock resist water tank with material HDPE.
  2. 500L High-strength and shock resist foam tank with material HDPE.
Fire pump
  1. Germany JOHSTADT fire pump.
  2. Pressure of Water outlet: 3,000LPM(10 Bar)
  3. Lightweight aluminum alloy, in line with EN1028 certification.
  4. Automatic vacuum with negative pumping system.
  5. Electronically controlled foam mixing system: 0.1%-9.9%
Powder fire extinguisher
  1. Squeeze grip type powder fire extinguisher, 2 sets of 150P.